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Fall Tourism Season in Japan


This time of the year is becoming more and more popular with foreign tourists coming to Japan, as the delights available this time of year become better known outside of the country. Always a popular time for domestic travel, attractions like hot springs, seasonal food and the changing leaves are also turning into draw cards for overseas visitors. Following on from Halloween, which is also becoming a popular time to visit, many tourists are adding a trip to the Japanese mountain areas to see the beautiful fall colors and sample foods that are only available this time of year. These include chestnuts, mushroom varieties, certain types of fish and fruit like persimmons and Japanese pears. If you see any visitors, be sure to ask if they are willing to try going to a hot spring to experience real Japanese style bathing!
This is also a season that many airlines are doing recruiting, so be sure to keep your skills sharp and be ready for any opportunity that might come your way.