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Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay Begins


After being delayed for a year due to the coronavirus, the traditional torch relay has begun. Starting in Fukushima prefecture and due to end 121 days later at the opening ceremony, this relay will be like no other before it. This is due to strict restrictions because of the ongoing pandemic, but the Japanese people are determined to feel the Olympic spirit despite the challenges. About 10,000 runners, including many celebrities, will participate in the relay, which will take the torch to many corners of Japan. It will go past famous places such as Mt Fuji and Itsukushima Shrine and it is estimated that 98% of the population will be within one hour’s travel time, if they choose to go and see. Those who do go along are asked to wear masks and not cheer too loudly, and many spectators will be wary of gathering in groups that are too large. We all hope that the relay goes smoothly – the flame itself actually arrived in Japan last year and has been waiting patiently for things to begin!