• 代表はノースウエスト航空(現デルタ航空)・ルフトハンザ航空の元キャビンアテンダント
  • 英語・ドイツ語・フランス語・中国語・韓国語をネイティブスピーカーから学べる



This festival is held on February 3rd every year as the “day before Spring” (although it is still really cold!). This is the day after Groundhog Day in America which also looks to welcome spring. Japanese folklore suggests that this is a time when the spirits are near and so Japanese families throw beans (or peanuts) at a demon who is usually actually dad in a mask, shouting “oni wa soto; fuku wa uchi (demons out, fortune in)”. Large shrines in Japan hold special events inviting celebrities and sumo wrestlers to throw the beans which include special presents as well. Winter will soon be over!