• 代表はノースウエスト航空(現デルタ航空)・ルフトハンザ航空の元キャビンアテンダント
  • 英語・ドイツ語・フランス語・中国語・韓国語をネイティブスピーカーから学べる

Helping lost looking foreigners


It is easy to get lost in Japan, even with the many signs and maps you can see around the place. It is especially easy to get lost if you don’t speak Japanese, so if you see lost looking visitors try to talk to them. It is possible that other people have been ignoring them! Many foreign visitors talk about the time they had a Japanese person help them and it became a good memory of their trip. As a cabin crew member, part of your job is also helping visitors and providing information – you can do this anytime, not just in flight. Helping people feels good and you might just become a bright part of someone’s day!