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Activities For Summer This Year


This year, many people are having to make some difficult choices about how to spend their precious summer days. The usual activities might be less, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a memorable, fun and engaging time. For example, it is a perfect opportunity to learn something new, or to reconnect with a partly-forgotten hobby.

Some people are taking the chance to catch up on watching classic movies, the kind that we might have decided to watch ‘some day’ but haven’t found time for yet. This is the time! If you do manage to watch something and find it inspiring or moving, take it an extra step and try writing an essay about the movie. Even if it is something simple, putting your thoughts onto paper is an activity most people don’t get to do very often and is great language practice. It might even be something you can bring to class, to discuss, polish and improve. Give it a try!